By engaging with A Tree For You, Trefle Rouge Paris invites its clients to participate in reforestation projects around the world. Trefle Rouge Paris will double the amount of donations collected, by donating the same amount as the total collected. 


A Tree For You is a non-profit association (law 1901) that transparently connects donors with tree planting projects around the world. 


These projects are selected by a scientific committee composed of experts recognised for their actions in favour of the environment and local populations. With A Tree For You, your donation is traced - you know which project it benefits, and it is followed up over time - you have news of the project for three to five years, to ensure its sustainability. 



1. The choice to participate in the donation program is entirely optional for the customer. 


2. By choosing to donate, the customer acknowledges and agrees that the amount of the gift and his / her personal data (first name, last name and email address only) will be collected by Bobbies and transferred to the association A Tree For You (ATFY), Bobbies' partner. A Tree For You (ATFY) will then send an email to the donor offering the choice of reforestation project to which they wish to contribute and receive news of the programme. 



In cases where the donor is a French tax resident, they will be entitled to a tax deduction of up to 66% of their donations up to the limit of 20% of their taxable income. A Tree For You (ATFY) may, at the beginning of each calendar year, send by e-mail a tax receipt for all donations made by the customer in the previous year, provided that the customer has previously indicated the address of their tax residence in their user profile on the association's website. 



The customer can choose the amount of each donation they make on the site www.treflerougeparis.com for A Tree For You (ATFY). The total of donations collected by Trefle Rouge Paris will be transferred in its entirety to the association A Tree For You (ATFY) and Trefle Rouge Paris will double the amount of donations collected by donating the same amount as the total. 



The donation is in no way refundable (even in case of cancellation of order).