A responsible approach


By engaging with the association A Tree For You, we invite our customers to support reforestation projects all over the world by making a donation when they order.
The association "A Tree For You" connects donors and tree planting projects all over the planet with complete transparency. These projects are selected by a scientific committee made up of experts recognized for their actions in favor of the environment and local populations. With "A Tree For You", each donation is traced and monitored over time and donors are informed of the project's progress for 3 to 5 years, to ensure its sustainability.



Red is one of the oldest colours and it turns out that it actually enhances attractiveness. Nothing quite compares to a little something wrapped in a red box embellished with a seal made of bee wax. At Trefle Rouge Paris we are proud to put the “art of gifting” at the core of everything we do just because we do believe in storytelling but most importantly because we want you to have an unforgettable experience.


Our scarves are delivered in rigid boxes, the vast majority of the raw materials used for their manufacture are recycled or recyclable (cardboard, paper) and come from eco-responsible forests. In addition, inks based on natural pigments are becoming widespread, and film coatings can now be biodegradable. Some acetate films are homecompostable (standards EN 13432 and ASTM D 6400) and comply with the Vincotte “OK Compost home program”. They are biobased, the cellulose constituting them coming from sustainable resources (forestry - PEFC). All manufacturing scraps are recovered, compacted and then collected for recycling, thus creating a closed circuit operation with partners where nothing is lost and everything is recovered. Our boxes are extremely flat and generate less packaging waste in the face of increasing environmental pollution caused by increasing online commerce. Its reduced volume therefore has a direct impact on CO2 emissions during transport. The paper used for our boxes comes from FSC certified drills. This demanding system guarantees the legality of the exploitation, the absence of link to deforestation, the sustainable management and the conservation of biodiversity.