Dreams maker, Maison Trèfle Rouge Paris is a French brand who creates with authenticity, uniqueness and passion collections of fashion accessories as well as beautiful collectibles. It is an idea of timeless luxury with impeccable finishes, an uninhibited elegance with a 

sustainable dimension to give more meaning to tomorrow. For the pleasure of giving or passing on, our made in France scarves 

collection carries in its heart a symbol, a promise of luck. A collection of jewelry and lacquer boxes enrich the universe of the brand and enhance the unique work of the hand.

Trèfle Rouge Paris carries

within itself a symbol…

... with a strong emotional value, it is an opportunity to share a story between the one who gives and the one who receives the special gift; an auspicious symbol which stays with the one who carries it, in his heart a chance.



Life inspires me… authenticity, jazz, art, drawing, friends, nature, travel, places, perfumes, memories, the sound of the sea, my family, a kimono bought in Tokyo or a small wooden box enhanced with an enamel decor bought on a Provencal market when I was 10 years old…. I like texture, colours, the origins and above all the artisanship that transforms materials to making my designs unique and timeless… My boundless curiosity for beauty inspires me to create and drives me towards human connection.  With my fellow experienced craftsmen and designers, we maintain alive the tradition of making beautiful objects that celebrate beautiful moments.


Trefle Rouge Paris was launched by Fabien Blachier to create timeless designs celebrating natural, noble materials and fabrics. Thanks to his rich international experience in design at Kenzo and Shanghai Tang, Fabien now develops accessories and objects meant to last, and designed with a constant attention to detail. Each model tells a story, as an invitation to travel within your own personal journey.