My fascination with colors, patterns and textiles comes from my childhood in Ivory Coast, where I spent the first 10 years of my life immersed in a sensual world of exotic scents, flamboyant batiks and unbridled colors. I was lucky, from a young age, to be exposed to a daring textile culture where prints always tell a unique story. My curiosity leads me to discover Asia, a land of contrasts where I explore new artistic expressions. I wish to perpetuate with Trèfle Rouge Paris the tradition of the beautiful object which celebrates quality, timelessness, poetry and the nomadic spirit signed with a promise of luck: the Trèfle.


Trèfle Rouge Paris is a brand created by Fabien Blachier; designer at Kenzo then at Shanghai Tang.

Trèfle Rouge Paris is a French brand of unisex fashion accessories, a fusion of world cultures. It is in a nomadic spirit, a journey between Africa, Asia and France, that the house draws its unique vocabulary.

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fabien blachier trefle rouge paris


Trèfle Rouge Paris c’est l’idée d’un luxe intemporel, décomplexé, aux finitions impeccables qui s’inscrit dans une dimension durable. Nous favorisons le « Made in » France et travaillons aussi avec l’Italie, le Portugal qui ont préservé un précieux savoir-faire. 

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